GSA 4120B Samsung 8x @ 4x

Hi All,

I was very happy with my new LG GSA4120B until last friday when I bought Samsung DigitAll 8x DVD+R media, when I tried to burn with Nero only 4x was available. I figured out that maybe was a Nero problem and updated to, and the same problem. Then I upgraded the firm to the A111 and nothing changed, no more than 4x for Samsung 8x media.
I ran DVDInfo Pro and this program identified the media as “OPTODISCOR8” and confirmed me there was 8x media at all.
Could you help me? Is it because the media is bad? Is there any problem with the GSA 4120B?



Hi, burning strategy of LG 4120 is focus on quality, that’s why on some media the certified speed is not reach to improve quality.

Thanks Bobby, maybe is because of this reason, but I spent a lot of money in 3 cakes of Samsung 8x (3x10), i’m a bit disapointed as you may think :frowning: