GSA-4120B - Question about noise

Hi there,

Hope someone can help me. I’m thinking of getting a GSA-4120B. I just wondered if anyone knows how noisy (or hopefully not!) it is…?

Can you change the drive speed on it, so it doesn’t spin stupidly fast when you’re just listening to a DVD of MP3s??

Many thanks!
Chris Paton

Personally, I think GSA-4120B is very silent like all LG drives.

a very quiet drive. the most quiet i’ve ever had.

yup. it is a silent drive

My case / CPU fans cover up the sound…

however… You can hardly hear it…

I’m also quite pleased with the noise levels. My fans also cover up the sounds, but since the drive is never more than about 2 feet from my ears, I can always hear it running. It’s much quieter than a Lite-On CDRW drive I have.