GSA-4120B Phone Call from LG!

Hi there,
someone from LG-Germany called me to solve my problems with my GSA-4120B (see other thread). He gave me some tips, which should solve my problems (it seem that they are aware of that problem).

In case you should reboot, don’t do just a restart but let the computer go down - switch it of!
Do the following in this order:

  1. Deinstall chipset drivers
  2. Deinstall all your ASPI-drivers
  3. Disable antivirus stuff
  4. Disable firewall (if activated)
  5. Install the chipset drivers (in my case VIA 4in1, see -> QuickLinks -> ViaHyperion drivers)
  6. Install the newest ASPI drivers ( e.g. from )
  7. Deinstall Nero (or whatever you use)
  8. Reinstall Nero

Additional info:

  • New firmware A104 should be installed - they allow e.g. bitsetting (for DL media), see (German) or (English)
  • new NERO will be released the next days, supporting new firmware with bitsetting etc. (last revision was 6.3.117), see
  • medias like maxell should be best (have not tested them)

I will test this stuff this evening. I will report about news.
If this helps you, I would be happy about reports.


r u certain A104 support booktype? some ppl in previous threads reported NO.

Do you happen to know if they monitor this board?

Amazing. LG in Seoul and Pyungtaek never told that to any of whom I know in South Korea. I guess LG should move the headquarter to Germany. :slight_smile:

The process to enable bitsetting they told you seems extremely complicated. Never seen anything like that. Or does A04 support bitsetting without having to do all of that? Or just a revision of Nero yet to be released to the public is required?



?..what’s your point Kenshin…?

I agree with Kenshin

and besides, the N0AD-R06 firmware still works the best for now.

A104 has some serious problems which need to be addressed.

Sceptics-R-Us :confused:

i wonder why LG wants to release A104 since it is buggy???

burnt a DL media. burning was a success but the disc is faulty.
undetected by all my drives includg LG4120B. i looked at the burn mark. look like only 1/4 of the surface burned only???

argh…there gone another DL disc

Encouraging, isn’t it? :frowning:

What’s needed?

I have not tested the A104 till now.
Some of you mentioned severe problem - which?
Would be great to make a detailed list - in this way the guys from LG can help us better.


severe prob. yup, rendered a DL coaster for me.

Are your own problems gone now?


And throw in four unreadable DVD+RWs for me… which I could reuse with A102, anyway… but still…

  • Poot -

so it seems quite affirmative that A104 is absolutely buggy!

Incredible sh*t from a major contender!


Just to let everyone know, as Buche stated, there is in fact a new version of Nero out now on

The new version is referred to as now, and adds support for new recorders. I haven’t tried it yet, but if I find out anything about the booktype flag being set or not on the 4120B, I will let you all know. My SAP won’t read DVD+ discs at all unless the booktype is set, so I’m very interested in seeing if it’s being set properly.

The problem now is that it’s again very slow. 56K modem speeds. :frowning:

Yes, with the New Nero and LG firmware A104 +R bitsetting to DVD-ROM does work.

Unfortunately the burnt disc can’t be read with either my Liteon 166 or Liteon 167 drives. The burnt disc is ok in quite a few other drives though…

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: