Gsa-4120b not reading any dvd's

ok guys i posted this problem in many of the dvd related forums and didnt get a single working solution for it so far. the problem is the drive not reading any dvd’s but cd, etc is ok. Windows xp is not seeing any dvd’s in the drive.its simply asks to insert a disk when i clicked the dvd drive icon.

also i have found this little note on the original PDF manual of this drive saying.

“Please Note: Since this product supports Region Playback Control Phase II, a certain MPEG decoder card or Software without regional code setting may cause this drive not to read DVD-ROM discs. This Drive enables you to change the regional code up to 5 times.”

so im just assuming this whole thing is a region related problem. i tried changing the region thru windows xp but its not allowing me to change. comes up with an error saying “theres no region 1 media inside the drive” but i had a region 1 inside.

anywayz ive been trying to resolve this for like a week now and didnt find anything that helps. so please anyone of you know about such a prob and a solution please help me out. thanks…:bow:

Ok, i got the same problem here with gsa-4082b, and i lost it, well not working an not recording dvd only cd’s, i don’t know if is really region free your problem i think it is your dvd drive…anyway i think you lost your drive, check out about warranty and change it…I tried everything not change…rest in peace gsa-4082b, welcome sony!!