Gsa-4120b New Firmware A104

you can download the new A104 firmware (they skipped A103) from:

If the link does not work any more, start from: (English) (German)
-> Icon Device Driver -> DVD - Writer -> There it is!


Posted already.

A104 still doesn’t support bitsetting for either SL or DL +R media.

Shame on LG

Shame Shame Shame.

I have 2 LG DVD set top players, including the DV8621P and neither will recognise DVD+R DL burnt discs, they just say disc error.

Maybe it’s time to start a petition to prod LG with?

Once LG had a public board where users could post complaints and questions. It disappeared after some conflicts with some South Korean users though the fault was more on the consumers than on LG.

LG GSA-4120B with the latest official firmware to write DVD+R DL disks cannot make the disks readable even by LG DVD players, will embarrass them a little, but then they have known it for at least several months.

Thank you Buche for starting this thread as I would not have noticed it otherwise :slight_smile:

I burned a Verbatim +R (MCC02) using FW A104. The disc cannot be properly read in my LiteOn 166 (long recognition time, identifies as 31GB size!). Despite that, it plays flawlessly in my standalone. I am using N0ad again.

Maybe I’d better create a separate thread next time when something like this is posted. I usually just add them at the end of existing threads to make it more like “once and for all” reference.

So strange… I’d also go back to N0AD.

Let’s start sending emails to LG Electronics, but I don’t know an appropriate address. The ones I know won’t welcome such emails and maybe just ignore them.

Hey there…

I have also flashed back to A102, after I found out that the backups I made to Verbatim CD+RWs were not readable in my two month old Pioneer DVD Rom… although it made some quite nice noises trying.

Weird enough.

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I have now upgraded my drive from A102 to A104 and at least one positive thing seen so far my dvd+r media code PHILIPS C08 (Nashua) now also has a write descriptor available for 8x, where before this 8x certified media I only had a 4x write descriptor available.

This is a hint I guess that indeed they did do some work on media support. Question will be of course how writing on 8x on this media will be.

Don’t have a CLV Lite-on though for media-quality testing :frowning:

Reading at maximum speeds often helps and it’s less time-consuming than KProbing at 4x with Lite-On DVD writers. :slight_smile: