GSA-4120B Firmware, 8X Write & Rip problems



Hi there. After reading hundreds of posts here I can't seem to find a complete answer to my problem. Using FW A104, my 8X media will only burn @ 4X. I flashed to official FW versions A111 & 115 and (without burning), my software now gives the option to burn @ 8X. As I went to rip a disc to test the burner out, I noticed a lot of read errors using DVD Decrypter (& other programs). Also, the Read/Rip speed Dropped to an avg. of 1.1X. DVD Decrypter estimated 55 minutes to rip a disc!

Now I seem to be getting read errors using various programs as well. - Unrecovered Read Error - Invalid Field in CDB.

I'm looking for some input on fixing this and a general idea of the speed at which others are able to read/rip using the same drive. I'm pretty sure I was ripping around 4X before. I'd like to be able to burn DVD-R @ 8X (been using Ritek G05's) and rip at a reasonable speed. Thanks.

Sys Info:
P4 2.8
XP Pro
SATA hard drives
1gig Ram
No TSR's
LG GSA-4120B (back to FW A104)


I’d suggest switching to better media than RitekG05.


And which media would you suggest? It appears to be mainly a firmware issue since flashing to different versions yields different results. The problem is consistent with other brands as well.


So the big issue is the newer firmwares let you burn RitekG05 at 8x, but slows rip speed, while the older firmware lets you rip faster but limits Ritek to 4x?


That’s it in a nutshell. In the past, A104 only allowed me to burn a couple discs @ 8X (Prodiscs I think). It would always limit the write speed of 8X discs to 4X.