GSA-4120B can't recognize dvd-video disc


I have a dvd-video (pressed) disc that my GSA-4120B can’t recognize (I can neither play it nor see it in Explorer) on my winxp-sp1 machine. That dvd-video can be played normally with my 3-yr-old dvd player and on another PC with a dvd-rom drive GDR8162B (LG OEM, I think).

I didn’t expect this kind of incompatibility. Anyone here has the same problem? Or, is my drive not working properly? Please help.


I haven’t seen any disc that my 4120B can’t read. LG GDR-8162B DVD-ROM drive is a decent drive but can’t be that better than GSA-4120B, whether with pressed disks or not. It seems like a temporary problem or a software issue. Can your 4120B read other disks without problem?

My 4120B can read other dvd-video without problem. Precisely, every time the ‘problem’ disc was inserted, the drive’s LED flashed for a while, then ‘My Computer’ Explorer and DVDINFOPro was not responding until the disc was ejected. I am not sure if it is a software issue since there are other problems with dvdrw formatted using InCD. Thanks.


i have the same problem can read all my pressed dvd’s in my old 4040B
but in this new 4120B drive i have found it has failed to read only one dvd says unsupported media the dvd in question is saving private ryan region code 2
if thats any help to you all also i was wondering if it maybe a bad pressed copy till my mate tried it in his same thing