GSA - 4120B Burning Trouble - Help?!



When burning with Roxio i get the message “There are no supported recorders available. Make sure that your recorder is powered on and that all cables are properly connected.” I don’t think its an internal problem and the software updates dont help. I uninstalled it then installed the latest version of acoustica and get the message,

"it appears that you may not have a supported CD recorder. if any cd devices are found, you should still be able to rip cds, organise your library and play songs…you just wont be able to BURN.

wat is with that??

it is really really annoying as i have bin burning audio cds and video dvds for ages now and all of a sudden it just stops working, im pretty sure it has something to do with the drive and not the software.


n e 1?


N e help out there?


Wow! That trouble been going on for two weeks?
With a CD/DVD writing system, any change could be the cause of trouble.
Did a change to the system accompany the problem?
A free screen saver? A power surge? A different package of blank media? Kids trying “Let’s see if it’ll play THIS!”? New program downloade to try out? Installed a new video card? Much warmer room temperatures? Moved the computer?

Any change that occured at the same time as the problem should be highly suspect.
If there was no change, LG has a decent warranty in most markets, so use it.


you need to get the dvd driver upgrade from roxio

also if you are using version 5 you need the upgrade to 5.3.5 from Roxio too

Both are free to d/l


I’d switch to Nero. They have a trial version if you don’t have it.


Thanks for your reply guys.

But in reply to the roxio comment, its not just roxio, its other programs aswell.

It has just stopped burner altogether.


Stopped from what and by what??


Ok, lets take nero express as an example. I open it up, go to burn dvd video, add all the files from the video ts folder (I have done this 100 times) and then when i get to the screen with “Final Burn Settings” and it shows your current recorder, the disc name and number of copies. Well on the Current recorder it just sais “Image recorder (DVD)” and the drop down menu from that has nothing eiter (see attatchment)

If I click burn it opens up my hardrive contents looking for me to open a image file or something. So that gets back down to not reading the disc in the hardrive again. BTW these discs are the same ones I have ever used in my drive, TDK DVD-R 4.7g 1-8x.

I have been burning DVD’s for a few months now and this “Image recorder” never came up, it always just detected the blank disc in my one drive and said something like D:… yer I’m not exactly sure what came up but you probably know what I’m talking about.

Anyways I’ve talked to someone about this and they say it is the software but I’m sure it’s not as I have tried it with Acoustica aswell.

Hope this clears it up a bit more :slight_smile:



a: open case and verify all cables are where they should

b: set as master on secondary ide

c: be sure your ide ports are both active in win and bios

d: use another ide cable

e: open tray and gently blow canned air in short burst

f: try your burner in another machine

g: check aspi

h: if burner works in another machine, uninstall all burning software completely and clean registry. Do not use Nero and Roxio together…although it’s supposed to not matter nowadays, trust me, it still screws up configs.