GSA-4120b - black front only


I have bought the GSA 4120b drive in beige. I am however looking for a black front for it. Does anyone know if it is obtainable?

I am not too keen to spray it.


I haven’t heard of one, but there is also a black-color version of GSA-4120B.

Even better: black GSA-4163B.

I don’t know whether one can get the bezels only or have those replaced from a service center. It’s easy for Lite-On drives and BenQ DW1620 in Seoul, almost always freely provided (with the purchase of drive of course.)

Well, first try to return the drive to the dealer for an exchange, if possible. Otherwise,
bug the LG service support and see if they could do you some magic. I don’t remember
if Pioneer once did that for their customers.

Hey Kenshin

Unfortunately the black front is not available where I stay.

Hi Steve C.

Going to email the LG support now.


Black bezel for LG burners fits all recent DVD burners!
You have to search for ‘frontblende’.

Found it. Don’t really understand a word on the site. Do they ship international? and what is the cost?

I don’t know if they ship int’l but at least it shows that bezels are available.