GSA-4120B + Bitsetting + Nero +

Ok, I’ve read a lot (I think) and I’d like to ask some questions, sorry for my ignorance but there are some things I can’t understand :a
Well, let’s get start it:

  1. I’ve got a LG GSA-4120B rev. A102. First question: I haven’t changed firmware yet due to the unit is writing fine, but I cannot see the drop down list “Booksetting” in Nero web(1) (see bellow). Is that the problem, the firmware?
  2. Looking into Kenshin web(3) site, I’ve seen there’s a new version A115, but the one mentioned in web(1) was A104, so will the alexnoe bitsetting patch work with that firmware?
  3. (a little stupid). Does the patch (alexnoe) work in winxp pro?
  4. Once a drive is flashed (once firmware’s changed), can it be flashed again and again? Is there anyway of backing up the older one in case the new fails?
  5. I’m not interested in changing booktype to +rw, so forget that part. I only mentioned that site due to the pictures of the dropdown list. Here’s mine:

Webs: web1, web2 & web3

  1. Yes, it is the firmware. You need A104 and later versions. And you need Nero6.3.XX?
    and later to support the booktype setting. I am on A111 and it is fine for me.

  2. I don’t know. Cannot answer. Sorry.

  3. Cannot answer.

  4. Yes, the firmware can be flashed repeatedly. Backing up your previous firmware is
    impossible. You may have to ask someone here to see if they got a A102 file for you.
    They may have the file downloaded when it was once available on LG’s site.

    However, I think flashing firmware many times affects the ROM chip at the atomic
    level. I guess it wears out its ability to hold data. Maybe something like 100 flashing
    cycles. So, I wouldn’t do it too much. But since DVD writers have become so “disposable”
    these days, you would not need to care because the next latest greatest is just around
    the corner in about 5 to 6 months.

  5. Once you have updated the firmware, the OPTION button should be enabled to show
    the booktype setting.

Great !!! - I was just interested in changing booktype for +r due to my dvd player cannot play them, just -r/-rw/-rom.
And, yes i’ve got nero

Thanx Steve_C for answering so soon !! :wink:

Ok, I’ve flashed it. It only took 20 seconds and after re-booting I got it back with the new firmware A115. But now I’ve got one more question.

  • I’ve been able to change booktype in Nero from +r to dvdrom. It also remembers my choice even after restarting o.s. :slight_smile: - But my question is, this change is only for Nero, I mean, if i use another burning software (CloneDVD for instance) it won’t change the booktype? Will the burned dvd be +r instead of dvd-rom?

Thanx ppl ! (You deserve it)

Sorry if too messages, but now everything is solved.
I’m using alexnoe patch every time I load windows so the issue of changing booktype is solved too. No more probs. See ya !

Hello, I just got an industrial pack 4120B and I am trying to bitsetting it. I’ve read related posts in this thread and the other , and it seems firmware updated to a111 or later would work. However, I still can’t see the “booktype setting”(my nero is Is there something else to do? Thanks…
My 4120B