GSA 4120B, any disc in drive forces computer restart

Ths drive has worked fine for over a year. The problem now is any disc I put in causes my computer to restart (cd’s and dvd’s). When I put the disc in the led flashes for a few seconds and then as soon as I hear the disc start to spin, I crash and restart.

I don’t think it is a power issuse, as this set up has worked fine for a year or more. Checked the jumper settings and everything seems to be fine, it’s set as master and is the only thing on that IDE.

I’m running Windows xp and the only burning software I have used is nero and the default windows stuff.

Any help would be appreciated,


Remove all installed burning progs properly, also uninstall the IDE channels using Devicemanager and Disable Packet-Writing Software like InCD.
Then REBOOT and do some further tests.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try this out, see what happens.

Also set Windows to BSOD instead of restarting. Then you might get a hint about the offending driver or program. <system properties - advanced - startup and recovery>