GSA-4120B and Ritek G05

Is anyone out there able to write to -R Ritek G05 at 8x?

I have A101 firmware and cannot do this? Does A102 do it are we stuck even longer?

I use the A102 firmware and I can only write at 4X with the GSA-4120B and - R Ritek G05 media.

Yes A101 and A102 both produce coasters on LG4120 using RITEKG05 @ 8X burn here too.

I emailed LG and told them this, and that I could write to FUJI at 8x no problem.

Guess what? They told me my burning software does not support 8x writing! They have not answered my second email.

I triedthe RitekG05 (blue label RiDisc 8x) with the 1.11 firmware. Nero still just offers 4x speed burning.


I believe this was already answered a few posts ago, with 18 replies on it. :slight_smile:

ritek g05 is not a good media. use quality media

Why does it produce good burns on NEC writers then?

It seems quite fashionable to rubbish ritek at the moment.

You should put forward some evidence to support what you say.

It might be a good media for certain burners, but if you look here at the -R writing tests you will see that that is plenty of other media giving much better results on the 4120B: