GSA-4120B A104 - Mitsubishi DL 2.4x Tests

Nero CD-DVD Speed v3.16

Is booktype intentionally DVD+R DL or is bitsetting not applied correctly in Nero?

The booktype is DVD-ROM.

Interesting. With single layer media CDSpeed reports correct booktype!

Isn’t it that CDSpeed might confuse “Disk Type” with “Book Type” in DVD+R DL disks?

Could well be. Did you test compatibility with standalone players yet?

It’s not a DVD-Video disk burned in Nero but just a test Data Disc in Nero CD-DVD Speed. :slight_smile:

Maybe I have one or two more blank DL disks for Nero DVD-Video creation.

kenshin, u burned the DL media or u just do speed test?

Isn’t it the same? How can I do tests without burning? :slight_smile:

sorrie. i a bit blurred just woke up…
so u burned successfully a DL on A104?

i began to suspect my LG is faulty in burning DL media. will send to doctor

I have to reboot this PC for KProbe 2.3.2 scanning and I tried to find another DL media to do proper DVD-Video creation but I couldn’t. :frowning:

Since alexnoe at CDRLabs posted about his experiences that looked similar to yours, maybe some drives or some DL media are not equally created.

It made a read error on the Samsung-burned DL disk. It was the last DL media I could find and it seems it was physically defective. Maybe there’s one more DL disk hiding somewhere.

i cant be so unlucky getting all DL media with unequal quality…
what i dun understd is, why my other media burned well, DL media just keep failing…

does software matter as well?

alcohol and Nero and dvd decryptor give me failed DL.

I didn’t mean luck. The Verbatim DVD+R DL media distributed in your area might be some different kind of Mitsubishi MKM-made DL from what I get. I have received Mitsubishi DL media from Lite-On. The three people in South Korea who have first tested N0AD and Mitsubishi DL media never got any error, including myself.

Version 3.16 shows the Disc Type while older versions show the Book Type.

Some drive manufacturers prefer to see the ‘real’ disc type while others prefer the book type so now in version 3.20 you can choose which type Nero CD-DVD Speed shows.

oic. anyway, i 've sent in my drive for possible repair? i dunno. see how then. but this takes 2 weeks or more as mine is jpn imported model my distributor has to send back to Japan.

Thank you! That might solve the confusion. :slight_smile:

That’s too bad.

Worldwise is the official distributor of Lite-On ODD drives in South Korea. They don’t ask customers to wait 2 weeks but just give a replacement drive on site. If the customers want it by mail, they’ll pay all involved cost. Intel Korea asks customers to send the processors to Singapore themselves which will take weeks!

My own GSA-4120B is a sample drive which has nothing printed on the top side. I’m not sure but it doesn’t work propery since the “Multiburn” tests I did a while ago. I have to send it back to LG lab to get any kind of replacement though it’s less than 100 kilometers in my case.

oic kenshin.
there r 2 diff batches of LG drives ( in fact some other drives too)in Singapore here. some shops imported fr Japan, which is very expensive as tax/delivery cost is incurred.I got my LG fr the shop import direct fr jpn when 4120 first launched in jpn and that time the drive not yet launched in singapore so that’s a bit different case.

sidetrack a bit, like now the japan importing shop alredi selling Pioneer 16x16x4x DL A08-J( made in jpn) which officially the drive is not launched yet in singapore. but the price would be very different. also, A08-J fr japan is made in japan, but those officially launched in SG are all china made.

but at least i m relieved LG made in Korea. i trust Korea more than China made.