Gsa-4120 new problem?

i am using the gsa-4120 with an usb2.0 enclosure. didn’t change the default A104 firmware and was v successful for a while now. for the past few days dvd-r discs (memorex, verbatim 4x…benq 8x ) fail to write . both +r and +rw are fine. will firmware upgrade make any diff?


I’d recommend it, but firmware updates do not solve all media problems. Usually just using the media widely known to work well in GSA-4120B is is the fastest and surest solution.

I would agree with Kenshin, this has been covered before in tonnes of posts. The 4120 is very picky on it’s media, and prefers to have the best possible. Not much overspeeding on this drive, much to our chagrin. But the discs that do work, are usually burned very well. Best bet is to stick with TY media, or Richo, BenQ will work, but even the 8x that burn at 16x on the 6120, will only burn at 4x on this drive.

The 6120? What drive is that?

I think he meant the 1620, as in the BenQ DW1620. LG’s never really been high on overspeeding media.

I should have have known is was a typo! :o