Gsa 4082b

The LG GSA 4082B optical drive on my pc does not recognize either cd or dvd - no disk in drive is the displayed message when I access the drive. I have updated the firmware with LG genuine firmware 207A. I have executed their instruction exactly like it is written. Since then I am getting this message. Before, it was only recognizing CD. I Think the GSA 4082B drive was made by LG. I have the booklet. Was updating the firmware for this LG drive a mistake? I have updated other LG drives on my pc and have not had this problem.
I recently bought a Samsung drive which I installed on another pc. Samsung makes it easy to update firmware for this drive. You install their software and it updates the firmware as it becomes available. I have written to LG about this development and ask them to follow Samsung. After all LG boasts of being leader in product development.
Thank you. Please help me! I don not expect any help forthcoming from LG!
James Parshad.

Hi James, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

Can you try the drive in another machine?

It is an old burner (yep, an LG one), so it may have just had it’s day.