GSA 4082B wont recognise disk in drive

My GSA 4082B burner, which has worked flawlessly for two years has decided that whatever disk, CD or DVD, I put in it, it doesn’t want to recognise that it’s present.
This burner has been used with many types of blank disk with no problems and I have never had a cd or dvd it couldn’t read. I burned a dvd disk which was fine but when I immediately tried to burn another I got a “No disk in drive” message. How does the drive recognise there is a disk present, I’m convinced it’s something simple.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Chas :bigsmile:

For whatever it’s worth, that’s exactly what my drive (it wasn’t an LG, it was a Sony) started doing just after the warranty period expired (1 year). How convenient. And it happened with two drives of the same model bought 9 months apart.

Basically, your drive is probably shot. Go spend $50 on a new one. That’s built-in obsolescence for you.