GSA-4082B Upgrade to Dual Layer

This has probably been covered but I am a new member so that is my ‘weak excuse!’

  1. Does anybody know if there is firmware available to convert my GSA-4082B DVD single layer burner into a dual layer burner? I know it is possible with certain ‘Lite-On’ models.

  2. If so, what are the successes and (I suppose) the problems?

  3. Also, when I durn DVD to DVD and then ‘compare’ and ‘Verify’ I sometimes find that there are differences / problems. Is there diagnostic programs available to check the differences and let me know the problems that I may incur?

If anybody knows or can point me to the relevant information I will be forever in your debt!!!
Thankyou. :confused:

Try a program called cdcheck, it will do CRCs on the data.

no. u cant convert 4082 to 4120