GSA-4082B suddenly stopt burning -r DVD's

I’ve had my dvd burner for 6 months now and all was working fine untill one night burned a standard CD, after that my burner is no longer recognizing the DVD-R that I have been using all along (LG DVD-R). I have updated the firmware to A108, done a system restore to before the problem ocurred and nothing.
The strange thing also is that before in burning speed I had 2x and 4x, now when burning DVD’s it only shows 3.1x.
Burning a DVD+R works just fine. I’m bothered, because on a trip I had just purchased 100 -r DVD’s.
I see alot of people with this problem on the forum, but no signs of a fix or help on LG’s site either, actually it doesn’t even mention the problem.
I’ll apreciate it if anyone who has been able to fix this issue can give me a hand.

Have you ever tried to use another brand of media? Maybe the problem occurs because of your OS… Try to reinstall the device in your hardware manager and see if it works… I think firmware update won´t help in this case!

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