GSA-4082B stopped burning at 8x


Ive had my 4082b for a few months and ive been very very pleased with it as the only coasters i have burned have been my own fault. Ive usually use Ritek4x but occasionally i’ll get some of the grey top datawrite 8x. Ive had 3 ,pacls of the 8x and the first 2 packs burned no problems at 8x but this other pack just will not write at 8x. When i burn with decryptor it recognises the discs as 8x but wont burn at this speed. I’m getting really cheesed off now. I’m using the original filmware which is A201.

I have filmware updates A207 and A208 on my HDD but i havent got the first clue on how to use them as neither came with instructions.

Can anyone tell me how to update the filmware, which version to use and whether or not this will solve my 8x burning issue.

Thanks in advance