GSA 4082B Lead In Error

I am trying to backup a DVD but my dvd writer keeps refusing to burn. I have tried DVD Shrink, Nero and Elaborate Bytes Clone DVD 2. The log Nero is giving me is attached.
I have just burnt a DVD an hour ago, but now the dvd keeps refusing to burn. It doen’st pass the Lead-In part.
Thanks for any support.

The disk is RITEKG05. Do all RITEKG05 disks show the same behavior? Have you tried any other type of recordable DVD disks?

Yeah, all RITEKG05 disks show the same behavior.
I think it is random. I was trying disc by disc, all of them are RITEKG05, all giving the same error. But then I selected Nero to Simulate before burning in 8X, and it worked, very odd :confused:
I have used LG dvds, no problem with them. But with these RITEKG05 I am having these problems. I think it depends of the dvd mood to burn.

I think you were not lucky to get good RITEKG05. Many people have reported there are very poor-quality RITEKG05 disks whereas there are also relatively good RITEKG05. Are the disks written actually or re-usable? When the LG drives refuse to burn, it’s usually the latter for me.

I have problems too with 4082B and FUJIFILM3 disks (imation), same error than RITEKG05…

I curse the day i flashed my DVD-RW… :frowning: