Gsa-4082b Help!


i wan gsa-4082b from my brother who live in USA, but after a light down the gsa not working with dvd’s, not ready, not record, not play, not even dvd-ram, but read and record and play, cd’s any kind (so strange fact!)…i tried to do a firmware but not working, i really don’t know what to do…i can not change because he bought in usa and i live in Brasil, so not send back…what’s wrong?! Any idea? :confused: :frowning:

I am having same problem. But I only had this problem after a reformat. I installed the software (again) “B-Gold recorder” but it still didn’t work like it did the when I first got drive and software. Only wants to deal with CD’s.

Also, the name of my drive (before reformat) was DVD+R, DVD-R (whatever it was) and now it is named DVD-RAM. I suspect that this is part of the problem.

I am going to the store (I am in Canada) where I bought it now, and ask them what to do.
I will get back to you with (hopefully) the answers.

Didn’t find much yet.

But I did find out my drive should be called DVD-R (+R) etc. and not DVD-RAM.

He wants to look at my computer (of course) to see if it is Windows or something that went wrong in the formatting.

He said a new drive (i was going to try one) wasn’t going to work.

I don’t know if this is your problem but I will keep you posted anyways. Just in case you will find a solution.

Hey, i think that isn’t a format hd or something, windows or etc…I think it is drive problem, i tried everything…the guy LG support said the same thing about the problem it is the computer system, i don’t think so…i think they don’t know what’s wrong and put the blame on the computer or the people in front of computer, in this case US! BUT IS NOT!! I DEAL WITH COMPUTER SINCE I WAS A KID, I MEAN I’M 33 YEARS NOW!!REMEMBER TK 500, TK 100, APLE II PLUS, ALL THAT COMPUTER I HAD, SO LG DO NOT BLAME US INTELLIGENCE, WE NOT STUPID… Sorry faultywiring, but LG makes me nervous…LG Do not respect us! :Z
But i still wating your answer faultywiring ok?

Easy. Use another computer.

I know a man who has six degrees and is fluent in at least six languages but he does not know how to burn a DVD. That’s nothing about intelligence or pride or respect. You just don’t know what you don’t know and that’s it.

Kenshin i did that, i tested in another computer and didn’t work…i think it is drive problem ok?