Gsa-4082b firmware update (to a DL one)

Ok, this is my last chance. I would like to know if there is an unofficial firmware that can turn my dvd burner to a DL one, since the last official is a more than a year old and does not allow that. I would be annoyed to be forced to buy a new dvd burner (and certainly not from LG anymore, if I can’t solve this). Do someone of you know also some URLs of sites that provide unofficial firmwares? I know they do exist, but don’t know how to find them. Please help me. Thank you.

There is one from TDB allowing to burn +R DL at 2.4x, nothing more, nothing less. And if you want to use that feature, don’t try with other DL media than Verbatim! DL +R Verbatim 2.4x rated.

Pretty sure the GxA-4082B (desktop) drive does not support writing DL media, never has, and predates the standard. Don’t think the 4080B/4120B/4160B series did either, the first was probably the 4163B, and that wouldn’t back port on to the 4082B.

chef is probably thinking of th GxA-4082N (laptop) drive.

Given a new burner costs in the region of 40 EUR we hardly see this as barrier, plus you’d get 16X burning.

Brother Vlad

Actually, the GSA-4120B and 4160B writers did support DVD+R DL writing, both at 2.4x. The GSA-4082B did not, unfortunately.

firework : TheDangerousBrothers are the people who actually create these modified firmware releases you keep hearing about. If they are telling you that firmware cannot do the job to give that writer DVD DL writing capability, they know what they are talking about.

From what I know, there’s modified firmware which does various things with writers, but I have never seen modified firmware to add DL capability for the GSA-4082B. There is a limit for what you can do with firmware. If the hardware is incapable of doing it, there isn’t much you can do.

Yeah, sorry, that one confused me a bit. :bigsmile:

Ok. Thanks to all of you. You’ve been all very kind. Now my mind is clear, definitely.