Gsa-4082b Firmware Recommendation

Hi all. I’m trying to update my current firmware version which is A201. Apparently I cannot burn 4X DVD-RW media for this reason so I’m attempting to update to latest version.

So here’s the problem. I downloaded firmware A208, the readme recommends to connect the DVD device as sencondary master.
Unfortunately I have a single IDE cable.

So I was wondering if I flash my LG directly from BIOS disconnecting hard disk perhaps it works. The firmware which I download directly from LG support site won’t let me do the process but still I found another firmware from “The dangerous brothers” site which might help.

I wonder if this other firmware is still effective for my purpose.



it is no problem flashing the drive if it is connected as slave. (Seems, you haven’t read the FAQ here. You should, really).

On the other hand, you should really consider buying a cable (wasn’t there any in the LG retail package?) to connect the drive separately, so HDD and DVDRW run on different IDE channels.


Hi and thanks for your support. Well I already flashed my burner to A208 but still can’t read or record X4/X6 media, I guess I’m gonna have to search for older DVD’s.

Thanks again.