GSA-4082B, event ID 7 in Windows

I´m having a very odd problem with some of the above DVD burners. After burning some DVDs or sometimes just reading back, they stop working, completely. I´ve noticed in event viewer an EVENT 7, CDROM, reporting bad sectors and from that moment on the drive simply won´t work at all. It won´t boot a Windows or other bootable CD or DVD, it won´t work in DOS with a boot disk (although the driver loads, as MSCDEX but there´s no response from the hardware). Even when a CD/DVD is inserted into the unit it won´t even blink as it should when a CD/DVD is inserted. The drive shows up in device manager but that´s all, it won´t read ANYTHING I throw at it. Some weeks after this happens it simple goes back working, until it fails next time… Does anybody has the same problem and most important, does anybody knows how to fix it. By the way, I have tried all the latest firmware to no help at all.

Clean the drive and try with better discs.
Maybe the hardware error correction is that bad…

I have the same problem looks like hardware crapy LG GSA 4082B