gsa-4081B mechanical positioning error


durin the burn process of a dvd or a cd this error is show on easy cd v.7 disc copy, clone cd, nero 6
“medium error [03/A0/80]”
“Seek, Synch, ATIP, or mechanical positioning error” [03/02/00]

Now, I restared my PC and tried again with a DVD+RW, CD-r and CD-RW and every time i got the same error. i use memorex dvd-r 4x, hp dvd+rw , at&t cd 40x, sony dvd+rw.
normaly the second time i try on a dvd+rw or a cd-r the process goes well

I have one lg dvd and one DVD-rewriter LG GSA-4081b

Do you have any Idea what kind of problem is this and how to resolve it?
Thanks in advance