GSA-4081B - haveing trouble burning CDs? QUICKFIX!

I thought my drive was toast, it failed to finish the Lead-In for every 48x HP CD-R I put in.

DVD-R, +R, +RWs all work fine.

Now, I tried to burn an image, and it says “cannot burn track at once mode”
so I flip it to disc-at-once. That fails. Then I try Disc-At-Once/96


Some people have said the “tracking error” was due to ungreased rails, etc.
That’s very possible, but to those having several errors burning CD-Rs I’d suggest to burn in Disc-At-Once/96 mode only and see if this works for you.

You do lose Multisession I believe, but meh… get DVD+RWs.

Now, I absolutely hate subscribing to a forum for just one post. Forums like this make me want to shoot myself.

P.S. I am also using the newest NVIDIA IDE drivers !!!