GSA 4081B DVD-RAM problems

I have installed the DVD-RAM driver that came on the accompanying CD, but after reboot the drive is listed as CD Drive, not DVD-RAM. When I try to run the DVDForm utility, it fails with a message saying that DVD-RAM drive is not connected or disc not inserted. Both of these is not true.

When I choose format in the right-click menu, I am able to format the disk with FAT32, but this is using the windows format dialog, not the one from DVDForm. After format the disc seems to be running OK. I am also not given the UDF option.

CD-R(W) and DVD+/-R(W) discs writing seems to be OK.

I am running WinXP, TH7II-RAID mobo, the drive is connected to one of the onboard channels on HPT370.

Driver versions:

Driver Software
meiudf.sys - Ver
Format Software(DVDForm) - Ver
Write Protect Tool(WPTool) - Ver
RAM Assistance Tool(RAMASST) - Ver

Any ideas or help are much appreciated.

can you connect the drive to a normal ide channel instead of a raid channel
my guess is that the software cant detect the drive over an 3rd party ide controller such as raid, etc.

I’m having the same problem of yours. All works fine except DVD-RAM. When I put one of these media, the 4081B says that no disc were inserted.
If I try to put and remove the media many times and also try to access the drive sereval times, then, out of the blue I can access the dvd-ram disc and also record to it.
Maybe it’s some kind of conflict that is happening. I’ve seen in a forum that a guy solved this problem by uninstalling Nero. His drive was the 4041B but maybe it’s the same thing happening.


My 4082b is running on a w2k machine. I found that the DVD-RAM driver didn’t get recognised after the reboot (I tried a few times) and only the standard drive was listed. I resolved this by going to device manager and updating the driver by selecting the ‘Panasonic’ driver from the list of compatible device drivers.