GSA 4081B A106 does not recog. any CDs nor DVDs

Hi All

I have spent a month trying to get this crap going.
When I use to have Win 2000 it was great. Now it doesnt recognizes any media although XP can see the drive.

I have read everything that is posted on this forum but nothing worked for me.
Returning it, is not an option since I had it for some time…

I use Roxio 8, power DVD…Everything that I have is updated or last edition.

The only thing that I came across was someone saying that i need RAM drive or something …

If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.


It could be Roxio 8 not working correctly with your burner. A few people here have had problems with it working correctly with their DVD writers.

Try installing ImgBurn (, freeware) and see if it reocgnises your blank discs. If it does, try doing some burns with it. It only burns isos though, so you need to have a DVD iso handy or you need to see if Roxio 8 can create an Iso file for you.

Ignore the mention about you needing a RAM drive, that has nothing to do with the drive recognising blank DVD discs.

What brand of blank discs have you been using though?

Hi All, Hi karangguni

I just did what you recomended but nothign happened.

The program can recognize the drive but any CD/DVD i put it says that the drive is not ready…no media present.

I have not tryed to burn any ISO files with this program …
I am not sure what use will that have since I cant get it to see any CD/DVD.

Maybe I got your message wrong ?

I have tried, blank (no logo on them), TDK, Maxell, Verbatim, Benq, Original DVDs…

Thanks for the replay

p.s. If you have any other suggestions I would be more than happy to hear them.

Hi again

I just tried burning ISO…nothing happened.
Same thing…‘insert disc’…

Ok, first thing’s first - is the drive sharing an IDE cable with some other device? I’m asking because some of these drives don’t like to be connected with certain other drives on the same cable. They start acting a bit wonky.

If the drive is alone on an IDE cable, try changing the IDE cable. It might be that the cable is faulty. Those things are really cheap anyway, so you cannot really expect good quality control.


I have another dvd/cd - r connected on the IDE. In fact everything is connected to the one IDE that I have.

At the beginning, the combi drive was master and my LG was the slave. It worked for some time.

After it stopped, I put the lg as master and only drive in my PC. Did not work.
I put the Lg as master and the combi as slave. Did not work.

I can change the IDE cable but I think I have only one space on my mother board that can hold IDE cable.


No problem Ivan. What I mean is to swap that IDE cable with a new one, just to see if the old cable is defective in some way.

If that still does not work, the only thing left is to try the drive in another computer, if you can. That is a final confirmation of whether the drive is faulty or it is something else to do with your current system causing the problems.