GSA-4081B (A104) not playing Movie Discs

My Burner stopped playing commercial movie DVDs. It will play CD’s, CD-ROMs and home made DVD’s without any issues but as soon as I put a movie in there it will read it, show the name in of the disc in My Computer but as soon as I launch any DVD playing software it will hang. I cannot do anything else with my pc and have to reboot everytime.
I’m wondering whether it’s a software thing. I have:

  • Daemon tools (not running but installed)
  • AnyDVD (same as above)
  • CloneDVD
  • Nero6
  • I did have the good ole Sony copywright protection spyware that came with a music CD, which was removed with their supplied utility a while ago.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Check the Event-Viewer, youmight find a suspicious and useful info there.

nothing in the logs at the time of the failure. There is an error on startup that caught my eye though:

 The bsaspi32 service failed to start due to the following error: 
 The system cannot find the file specified.