GSA-2166D won't recognize some disks

I’ve been having trouble backing up some of my movies because when I insert the disk, the drive does not recognize it. This does not happen with all disks, just some (most recently CSI S4)

The light blinks, the drive whirs, but Windows explorer shows it as an empty drive (“please insert disk into drive F”). It is not a CSS problem because the disk is not even recognized.

I do not have this problem at all with burned disks.

I am using a Dell laptop, Win XP Pro, SP2. Drive is connect via USB Cardbus.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I know other people have similar prob w/burned disks, but I haven’t seen a post about pressed disks.

Also, I have been unable to burn on DL disks, using Verbatim +R DL. The disk is recognized but the burning programs do not “see” it.


Some pressed movie/TV series discs have a form of copy protection that does not allow you to view the contents of the disc with windows explorer. The disc should still play fine if you use DVD playing software like Cyberlink PowerDVD, however. I’ve encountered this before myself. So there is probably nothing wrong with the drive at all.

You can test this out by trying to play the disc with whatever DVD playing software you have. If it works, then it’s just the silly copy protection at work. Note that not all pressed DVD movies/TV series discs have this kind of copy protection. Some will let you view the contents of the disc.

karangguni–thanks for the reply. Here is some more info, based on what you’ve said. I’m not sure whether this means there is something else going on, or whether I will just never be able to back those disks up.

–PowerDVD does not play all of the disks
–I am using Any DVD and cannot rip with any of these programs: CloneDVD2, DVD Decryptor, DVD Fab Decryptor,.
–some disks in the series are OK, for example CSI S4, disk 4 copied OK but none of the others will. Homicide S7 disk 1 and 3 OK, disk 2 on not OK.

I don’t have any exprience with Any DVD so I’m not sure if with that running, you should be able to view the contents of those copy protected discs which normally won’t show up in Windows explorer. I remember reading that DVD Decrypter doesn’t quite work corectly with Any DVD for some discs. The latest version of Any DVD, released a few weeks ago, was supposed to fix that. Perhaps you could try upgrading to that and see if it helps.

The other thing to try is to disable Any DVD, then use DVD Decrypter or DVD Fab Decryptor and try and rip the disc. Both programs can handle copy protection on their own, so you should be able to.

This is a none bug with the first rev. of the 1.01 firmware on LG 4166 and LG 2166.

You can wait for an update or install last LG 4166 1.01 firmware available, but the name of your drive will change from 2166 to 4166 (no other impact).
LG 4166 Firmware 1.01 =>

(If you have enough skill, you can edit the .bin with an hex editor and change 4166 to 2166 in it. It seems to work since there is no checksum in the bin and flasher.)

Where did you get this firmware update? I cannot find it on any of the LG websites (us, uk, de).

I’m new to using DVD writers and am a bit worried about trying to update…

MP3Mogul@cdrinfo get it from a friend @LG factory.

You could try the HOW TO linked in my sig, maybe it helps.

ItalianJob: I used your link and update the firmware. The drive name changed to 4166, but other than that, nothing else is different. It still fails to read the same disks as before. What should I try now?

Thanks in advance for any advice and help.