GSA 2166D for Win98?

I have the above mentioned external writer and want to operate it through Win98. Problem is, the only available drivers I can find are for Win2000 and above which give me an error message.

Is there a driver available so I can work in Win98? I really need to burn some data with it.

Hi and Welcome!

Are you running Win98 or 98SE? If 98 (non-SE), then forget it.
What you need on a Win98SE system, is:
Fully functional USB 2.0 hi-speed interfaces. Unless an add-on card has been installed, these don’t exist on computers that were shipped with Win98SE.
Device driver for external USB storage. In former times, they were shipped with external units. As Win98 is considered dead, they saved the money for providing drivers. You may try these GENERIC drivers here:

If all conditions are given, then you are done and can go ahead.