GSA-2164D install problem!Help



Hi i just got the external USB GSA-2164D Dvd writer for my XP Dell laptop which is powerful enough to meet all the requirements. heres my problem

I plugged it on the first time as the instructions said and the found new hardware thing popped up.
I clicked next for the install the software automatically and eventually and error was displayed saying:

There was a problem installing this hardware
An error occurred during installation of the device
The system cannot find the file specified

so i clicked finish and same thing happened again and the only way to get out of the loop was to press cancel.

So now i can read discs but not right to them and only if i go through the same loop of finding new hardware everytime i use the device.
In the usb mass storage properties it has no driver installed



Ive found the solution so i wont remove the post so other people can find this