GSA-10L Slows down after DVD Read, need fix



My GSA-10L was working with reasonable speed for a quite a while. Then one day a bad DVD (one with a LOT of errors) was trying to be read. After a while I gave up as a bad DVD. However, now (even after power cycling) the drive seems to be in a permanent slow mode. It only runs between .8 and 1.3x speeds for everything. What got changed that it now runs so slow? Is there a way to reset the drive? I have tried various software (to rule out software) and the drive always runs this slow now, where it was much faster.

I am guessing that the drive set something internal that forces it to stay there. Any help would be appreciated.


GSA-H10L or GSA-E10L?
what firmware version?
have you tried to reflash it?


Check your DMA settings. Sometimes if windows has a hard time reading a disk, it will revert to PIO mode.


DMA is on, I had checked that. LL11 is the Firmware. I did not try to reflash the firmware yet, guess I would like to know what is causing it and if reflashing is the only way to correct it or not.



I doubt that UDMA is on. Post the result of nero cdspeed’s burst rate test.