Grundig DVD Recorder £999 why?

Just returned from my visit to Currys UK where I was browsing the DVD recorders display, when I saw what seemed to just be a normal DVD+ recorder for £999. I cannot remember the model number but it was a Grundig and as far as I could tell had no hard drive. So why the high price tag?? You would have expected to pay that price a few years back when these things were new.


LOL!! Sounds like the Curry’s chimps have forgotten the decimal place. I saw some Grundig there a few weeks ago for £99.99.

Didn’t DSG Retail adopt the once-august ‘Grundig’ name for a while and put badly manufactured crap behind the badge?

Edit: Well it seems the old memory isn’t too bad after all. If it’s the DVDR550, then see here from the DVDplusRW runes…