Grumpy cassette user needs advice



I need very specific advice for purchase of a portable hardware audio CD player. What complicates the choice for me is that I almost never listen to music with its multitude of tracks. What I do listen to is teaching tapes which are continuous, some for well over an hour. The problem is that I can’t continue listening at the exact point where I left off! With a cassette I could always simply play it in any player - car, home, work, airplane - and of course it would start playing exactly where i left off. Audio CDs and players, as far as I can tell, do not have this capability. That makes them useless for me. The ones I have tried so far, if they even allow fast-forward, are quite lame to use! I have heard that there may be at least one brand of audio CD player out there that has a very efficient way to scrub to a certain time-indication and even has a memory function keyed to a CD internal serial number. The audio CD player reviews I have seen are not helpful - don’t even mention features like this. Your guidance will be appreciated. Thanks.


My (older) Creative MuVo2 4GB MP3 player will continue playing at the same point it stopped when I turned it off.

I assume that at least some other MP3 players have the same feature, but you’d probably have to ask someone about their specific model, because it’s not a feature that I see listed in advertisement or brochures.


Hi! Although being a cassette user, I am certainly aware of of the MP3 format, but your player must be either a HDD or flash memory. The folks that I associate with are urging me to put everything on CD media. Are you saying that MP3 files can be put on a CD? Apparently so. Alas, in my older age I seem to be living on the ‘trailing edge of technology’! Cassettes work very well, dang-it! Now I gotta move on just because. :doh:

it’s not a feature that I see listed in advertisement or brochures.

That is precisely the problem. The market is geared totally to music. There are folks who listen to books on tape. There must now be folks who listen to books on audio CD. They have the same needs that I do. I hope to hear from some of them here. :smiley:


Yes it’s based on a 4 GB MicroDrive (harddrive).

The folks that I associate with are urging me to put everything on CD media. Are you saying that MP3 files can be put on a CD?
Yes they can and there are portable CD-MP3 players, but they are too cumbersome for my taste.


MP3-CD players are around, but the one I have (Napa DAV-311) would NOT win any prizes for design.

If transferring tape to audio CD, it could be divided into 99 gapless tracks to provide a degree of indexing capability, or a minute per track (quite easy, using a cue file of 1 minute points which you would then trim to the actual length).


Really?! This is news to me - good news, I think. Please tell me more.

I have never even heard of gapless tracks. Pointers would be appreciated.


I would consider an MP3 flash player. Many of them now come in 2GB and more. All you will need then is transfer your tapes to MP3 and then u can store them on PC, player or CDs.
My old Creative MuVo TX FM ‘remembers’ the point where it is turned off. I bought it mostly because of better specs\ options than competition. Very easy to navigate, works as a radio and a voice recorder as well. Doubles as a file storage usb drive.


Appreciate the replies. More specifically, this application is most like the the old ‘books on tape’. And the ‘books’ are part of a lending library. Most of the folks involved are grudgingly giving up analog cassettes but flash and HDD tech is still too new and doesn’t ‘lend’ itself to a library format.

The 99 ‘gapless’ tracks is the best idea I have heard yet. I think a user could view the track number and go there in the next player they use. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reserved portion of the CD media for writing a bookmark?


This FREE ONLY TODAY claims to do just that: Insert “silent gaps” to make a gapless track. Maybe worth a look…

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How to make gapless CDs may also be helpful


OooooKaaay! I got foobar2000 (what a name!) and was able to cobble together a “cue sheet” from a sample provided by wikipedia. I set up the cue sheet to segregate my test wave audio file (a six minute recording of my granddaughter singing) into one minute tracks. I added the audio CD burn module to fb2k and burned a cd. To my amazement, the tracks played consecutively with no gaps - great!

I expect my (unknowledgeable) users to simply play the CD with a default CD player. For the hardware player I have, there is no readout of the TITLE, PERFORMER, or TRACK. However, when I insert into my PC, the default audio player is WMP v11 and it comes up with NO media info. In fact, even though I set it to NOT download album info from the Internet, it downloaded some bogus material and somehow stuffed in Album, Author and Genre! Now I can’t figure out how to get rid of it!!

Oh well, this is all part of my learning curve, eh? The objective here is to put together a generic cue sheet that I and the folks that I am working with can use to make up to an hour long CDs of a similar type as audio books. We should be able to simply look at the track minute-indicator and use that to skip to the appropriate minute in any other CD player. I would like to reduce this to a very, very, very simple procedure. Pointers to other threads or websites are welcome. The help you folks have been providing here is greatly apprecaited!