GRUB Hard Disk error (Gesundheit, WHAT?!)

Well… It happend yesterday. I happily installed a new software package called “Wine” on my Mandriva Linux computer. (I do not use Windows at all) It is a program that lets you use Windows applications in Linux. I installed a game which automatically switches to fullscreen when started. That is what it did but it didn’t seem to be running correctly. So I used different key-combinations to switch back to the desktop. Didn’t work, so I physically turned off my computer. I turned it back on and it just gave me this message: GRUB Hard Disk error
– White on black.
In BIOS I tried different boot orders, tried to boot from my installation CD, but there was one problem: My installation disc is a DVD and the DVD drive was not listed in BIOS. Consequentely, I couldn’t boot from my DVD. What can I do about this now?
I googled the message “GRUB Hard Disk error” a little, but most of the cases I found were not similar to mine or the posters were Linux-freaks (which I am not, I am a newcomer when it comes to Linux) who used vocabulary that I was not familiar with. I figured that most of these cases were related to having Linux and Windows XP on one computer. I don’t; I only have Linux.
So, again, what can I do? :confused:
All I need is some instructions in plain English… Please… I appreciate any help in advance.


Gesundheit is german and means health.

@chef: I am aware of that. Read my signature. Besides, that is not what I asked for.

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Your little rant against [B]chef[/B] wasn’t really necessary at all and is not the best way to solicit help. Notice that I’ve removed all of that as I felt it unwarranted. Take this as a warning please.

What I found was this little comment [I]“Your BIOS is buggy, and it’s lying to GRUB about the geometry of your hard disk.”[/I] That would suggest to me that the BIOS has perhaps been corrupted & needs reflashing or that you need to detect the drives again. Maybe a clear of the CMOS would be in order.

Yup, your DVD-drive should be present in BIOS and bootable, no matter what’s wrong with GRUB or your OS. Check your hardware setup.

Have you got more than one optical drive? Sometimes the BIOS will only let you boot from the first CD/DVD drive. If you have a DVD drive and a separate CD drive, disconnect the CD drive and set the DVD drive jumper to master.