I have just tried to restore 4 DVDs full of info after a major upgrade and clean install of win2k and I can’t because there are no .NBI files on the dvds! (Attached a sample)

Have searched all day for a solution and not found anything that works.
Does anyone have any idea how to restore these files please. :frowning:



Only problem is I’m not confident of it working as it is an external DVD drive.

This may help others…

"To restore a partition or hard drive backup created with Nero BackItUp, please proceed as follows:

Boot your PC in DOS-Mode. Please use the first disc of the created backup. Ensure that you have set your Bios boot sequence correctly. (The CD/DVD drive in which you insert the first backup disc has to be the first boot device).
While booting your system you will get the following options:
1.) Boot with the maximum available virtual memory. (In this case, your PC will only load the most important and essential drivers.)
2.) Boot with all available drivers from the disc. (We suggest to select the first option; otherwise it could cause problems during the restore process.)
Afterwards the user-interface of Nrestore will be loaded. You will now see the connected drives (e.g. CD-/DVD-ROM drives and partitions. Floppy drives won’t be shown.)
Now, you have to select the physical hard disc drive (“HDD”) on which you want to restore the backup.
Possibility 1: Restore of a complete HDD

If you have created a backup of a complete HDD you could just select a HDD and start the backup. (You don’t get any other options in this case.)
E.g. you can just press the ´Enter´ button several times and you will be led through the process automatically.

Possibility 2: Restore of a partition

If you have created a backup of a partition you first will have to select the HDD and then the partition (or an unpartitioned area) on the HDD on which you want to restore the backup.

Important notes

The partition or the unpartitioned area you select as destination has to be at least as large as the partition you want to restore. If your partition is too small you will have to create an appropriate unpartitioned area.

If you are restoring from DVD, you will see during the process that the progress bar runs to 100% and then begins again. This will be done for each existing DAT file on your DVD - up to seven times per DVD. (Because of FAT restrictions the DAT files can have a maximum size of 650 MB.)"