Growisofs and cdrecord

i’m using windows xp, and i got those 2 programs but don’t know how to use them. i tried but just get errors messages.
can someone give me a command line to burn iso image to dvd please. my dvd burner is d: drive

Why do you want to use linux tools in windows? If you want to burn iso’s just use Imgburn.

oh, i just like to to make a bat file ,edit the file and press Enter key, dont’ want to open the whole program and click click click…
i made iso file using mkisofs.
just want to play with the command line.

the growisofs is never work for me
the cdrecord version “cdrtools-3.01a01-win32-bin” is much better, and i think it is working. will try to burn later

To be honest I’ve never even thought of trying growisofs with Windows and I’m not sure the linux command line options would work. Good luck with your project. :slight_smile:

i got it Here is the command line
cdrecord.exe -dao -speed=8 -v dev=0,0,0 home-movie.iso

Just a reminder linux program are for linux not windows system. So first off would be to know what O/S your using and unless you have linux emulator running on your computer you can’t use linux program for windows. You will have to use windows programs for windows O/S…

Linux aka UNIX isn’t the same as Windows…they are two different O/S…

[QUOTE=c_dd;2560907]i got it Here is the command line
cdrecord.exe -dao -speed=8 -v dev=0,0,0 home-movie.iso[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the information. I learn something new every day. :cool: