Grouper P2P software for filesharing between friends

I just posted the article Grouper P2P software for filesharing between friends.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that Grouper is a beta
P2P application that attempts to address some concerns voiced by the music
industry. As we all know, one thing that is…

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Interesting concept… However, I don’t agree with the limitation to only upload/download certain file types. It shouldn’t be up to some company or piece of software to decide what file types we want to share or swap with a friend. You might as well make the program only allow the sharing of .JPG files… :frowning: Hmmm I wonder how good the quality of the streaming music is? Sreambox anyone? Either way it sounds like a hassle if music file sharing is what you have in mind… A better solution would be for the company to “turn off” music file-type sharing by default. And then allow ‘advanced’ users the ability to turn it back on in configuration options.
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RAR’ed MP3’s anyone? :wink:

@idc: My Point exactly…

The streaming end of it sounds alot like iTunes, only on a more massive scale. But allowing other formats to be sent accross the network? (idc, said what i wanted to;)) What’s to stop a ZIP or a RAR file containing a song or album? Good way to protect their asses though…

Again, zipping/raring your MP3 collection is a huge hassle.

cant u just rename .mp3 to .zip then when u have file just rename back to .mp3:d

dread100 :d:d:d:d i like that idea

Or rename it to .riaa :B

Nice software but the music streams as 32 bit wma - less that radio quality. Only 30 people allowed per group. No multisource DL. Can be useful in some situations.

It’s cool. Not meant to be your primary music download app. More of a social app with filesharing and for friends to let you listen to their music. Great for sharing big-ass files, though, and lets you IM in the process.