Group studies RFID to cut piracy and allow early DVD releases

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 An RFID  based DVD project is being developed by ULCA's Wireless Internet for the WINMEC,  in an aim to allow the movie industry to allow movies to be released on DVD at  the time as their...
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There are always people who are obsessed with seeing a movie as soon as possile. As you say most won’t like the old DIVX authentication idea. I can see this will have a market even though a small one, which will not be enough to keep them in buisness.:d It might be a technology they could use for reveiwers of the movie.

My prediction, this will not survive. Why do I say so? I still remember Divx, this in not Divx; ( extra ‘;’, hehehe) Some years ago, maybe 8 or so, there was an effort by CircuitCity and some law office in Los Angeles to have a rental system where you get the movie for cheap, maybe $2, at many outlets like supermarkets, but to use it you must buy a Divx player which is similar to DVD player but it has modem. In order to view the rental you had to call the service, or if down you could watch the movie one or 2 days. After that you can call again and pay again to view the same rental, or you can throw it in the garbage, or you can buy extended time for $20, or lifetime for $25 Something like this. So do you see such system today? neither do I :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeah, right. …or stick a couple of electrodes up my…brain and when your network says its OK for me to watch another Hollywood piece of art ill be allowed to do so. However, if i carelessly rekon of lending the dvd to my friends or, God forbid, camcording it, it;ll send back the whole 120volts. or, if lucky, ill be arrested/jailed/memory erased, whichever is convenient for the industry… I cant believe there are actual developers being paid to come up with such crappe! :frowning:

so they say they lost 3 billioon dollars, yet they had record profits again last year? I guess they just aren’t happy with the amount of cash they are making and feel they need more money. Why not just realease the damn dvd’s as per normal, but faster. THey have already admited they make more money on dvd sales as it is, at least in the US and Canada. Get with the 21st century people, or we are going to leave you behind and do what we want with our merchandise. Cause I can see something like labeled as illegal in countries where we have fair use, and not allowing us to make a legal copy, is illegal.

Why would they need to use the RFID technology for putting a tag on a dvd while they can just put the tag on the dvd itsef???

Kinda miss the point, even with existing technology RFID’s can be detected and read meters away. With technology now being developed it is feasible that in the near future a vehicle with a detector installed driven past a residence could read a RFID imbedded DVD and tell how many time it had been played and if it had been copied! Bit far fetched you think? The technology is almost there and could be developed with the enough driving force (MPAA) This is the control they would like to have and may have if they are not stopped in their tracks. This insidious Greedy organization (MPAA) needs to be eructated before they can breed!

Personally I think they have a good idea. Problem is that piracy is held back by one thing: Quality. Often it can be a few weeks before a good quality release is done, leaving viewers with the option of crappy CAM or Cinema. If this happened, people could still use a video-out on there TV to camture the video, in perfect quality, and then spread that. This would mean that DVD quality releases where there sooner. Regards, Ben :slight_smile:

“good” pirates do not need to use camcorder captures, or even video-out recording. All they need is for an “original source” to take couple of hours detour from the warehouse to the movie house, that’s all, a copy was born. Then it is short hop to the production facility maybe Far East, and days later to the streets of big city. All the tweaks to stop piracy from little guys is waste of money and time. Solution is more on the lines of: 1) Make good movies people want to see. 2) Sell the DVD cheap. I still think the RIAA is worse and more evil than the MPAA. Like I think soundtrack of a movie and how much it costs relative to the DVD movie :slight_smile: The RFID technology is already here. The question how many people will want to actually see on DVD new movies same time as the premiers and not wait 6 months. These people will have to buy new player, and unless has huge rebates, will cost much more than regular player as production numbers are so small. And they will need Congress or other govenments, to pass laws that makes it a crime to temper with the RFID device. With the record of MPAA/RIAA this already happened in Digital Millenium act and others for cable and satelite TV. The Congress is no longer “For the People” it is for the bribing corporations :frowning:

YOU MUPPETS why do you put money in the pockets of the people you are fighting against ? every time you go and buy a film you are funding the bribr that finds the right politician the mpaa the riaa you just cant sit back and buy nothing for a while and guess what they rely on this fact so keep feeding the hand that is going to bite you the consumer :+

Yes, but the majority of people who buy DVDs are the general public - a very, very small percentage of those even know about the MPAA, let alone how greedy and underhand they are. All they care about is getting the latest DVD so they can drool over Ashton Kutcher or Cameron Diaz. While I agree that the best way to combat the MPAA is indeed not to support them with your money, it isn’t going to make much difference unless their core target market get involved with a boycott, which isn’t going to happen any time soon.

I don’t go to the cinema’s because of high price, I don’t buy DVD’s because of rip-off prices, I just rent them for a dollar on the rental stores cheap day of the week where everything in the store is one dollar, thus putting a lot less revenue in the greedy bastardos movie studios pockets.