Group policy blocking almost everything!

Every time I try to access certain programs or download a new one, I get a pop up message that says “blocked by group policy” . I have searched everywhere for a solution but have yet to find anything.
Yes, I have gone into administrative tools and believe I have located the culprit but it will not allow me to change the startup from automatic to manual or disable. If anyone has the answer to this problem PLEASE contact me with the solution ASAP. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS with 16GB ddr3 ram and AMD multicore CPU.

Thanks to all… Lamar Bailey

Some types of malware exhibit this behavior Try running AdwCleaner.

It doesn’t install anywhere, it just runs from whichever folder you put it in.

If it isn’t malware, and is a permissions problem, then this won’t help.

Have you got a restore point made prior to this problem first showing up?