"Group Files by Directory Level"

What exactly does this do?

I read from documentation:

‘Build Mode’ now groups files by an entire directory (including sub directories) rather than doing it by directory level. This option makes it revert to doing it by directory level.

But didn’t really see any change.

It’s a question derived from another thread, but now I feel urged to know due to the heavy constraints ImgBurn applies to file placement on disc.

Another issue I just had was that while building an ISO, in advanced mode, my files were being sorted as placed while adding them. For one moment I needed to sort them by size, and now I can not sort back to addition order (visually I mean, I guess it still is ordering them physically in order if “Sort Files by Source List Order” is checked, or maybe not, who knows!)


This section of the forum is very quiet, is it me or should I post on official forum?

Maybe nobody here knows the answer?

Do you think so? Nobody replied me either in the other thread except ImgBurn creator himself. 4 question in 11 days, so now I don’t know if what I ask is rare or is this section quiet.

The change should be exactly as described.

So you have the option of




When you add a folder, it’s assigned a unique number internally. That’s used when sorting by addition order at the time of building the image.

If you sort using the column headers (which I thought happened automatically anyway), there’s no way to sort by addition order again.

Ok thank you! Now I understand why I didn’t get anything from my tests (I was only placing files in same level subfolders). So parent folders get physical preference. That is nice to know although I can’t see when I (personally) would need that. It’s like saying that I want my last added parent folder content first on disc than my first added parent folder subfolders (and contents). It’s a bit too twisted.

I don’t know if it’s hard to implement or not, but if at some point you find the chance, it would be nice to allow sorting (physically, and visually as well) by numbering or something of that sort instead of addition order (or path level). There’s a repetitive problem that when I’m finishing the build, I forget to add a file to my firsts added folders. If I add it, the whole folder path then becomes last in physical placement, or that’s at least what I found out in my other thread.

About the visual sorting in advanced mode, the problem is I didn’t know how to go back. I restarted the program, and I don’t recall if I had to reboot computer or reinstall program but it was a pain to get it work as before, and just assumed I was missing some option I had better asked about in case it happens again.

Thanks for the help

Just as an FYI…

When the file list gets built, the program currently looks at the order number of each directory on a per level basis.

So it never actually looks at/sorts the tree as a whole. That’s pretty easy to change so you may find the next release works differently.

I can’t find an instance where adding a file to a folder (after adding everything else) would make it last in the sort order. That order value is only ever set upon creation of the folder in the internal data structures, it’s never updated.

Yes, I think I generalized a bit too much, I rather meant “folder” instead of “file”. But still doesn’t apply since parent folder addition order gets preference, so you are right.
Probably what I wanted to say; you build the whole image, then at the end, you need to add a new folder (in same path level) at the beginning of the image. This is impossible to do without rebuilding everything up to that point (annoying if subfolders are also meant to be reordered).

Anyway there’s one thing you mention:
[I]“That order value is only ever set upon creation of the folder”[/I]
my last post of the other thread kinda contradicts this. I created (not added!) one folder, and then another, but the second one gets first in order because it’s the first I add subfolders to. Then as you state, these folders order doesn’t move anymore whichever gets the last subfolder.

edit: and yes, folder order as a whole is one of the 2 constraints, the other being the one I commented above (defining custom order at any point of the build). Thanks for looking into it