Group declares Saturday "No Tech Day"



Group declares Saturday “No Tech Day”.

[newsimage][/newsimage]On March 27, a group called Practical Action wants you to ignore the cell phone, turn off the computer, shut down the gaming consoles and avoid any other technology for the rest of the day.

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Today ? Too late…

As if I’m not gonna watch the Habs tonight. Ignore my phone ? Right. Want me to turn off my heat and freeze too ?

What is the point anyway ? Do I need to prepare for some upcoming mass abandonment of technology by society, like the retarded end of Battlestar Galactica ?

Tell ya what, next winter-time power failure I have, I’ll reflect on this then, while I shiver in the cold.


Go without my PCs, even for one day? Not gonna happen :disagree:

And ooops, Saturday is almost over. :slight_smile:


seeing as its 2300 on Sat 27th and I have only just noticed this, sorry too late


I´m not posting here cos of this no-tech day thing…righto!


Sounds like the clowns from Earth Day . Wanted every one to turn off all electrical devices including lites at 8.00PM Saturday to save the planet. Except for the obligatory Gov departments and a few PC high profile companies like the local casino (that just turned of the external lites for an hour) no one bothered…


Too late. Maybe next time we can get a bit of warning?
Kind of like advertising for “No Crap Day” right after I’ve eaten at Taco Bell.

A closed mouth gathers no foot.