Grounding influence burning Nec2510a



Maybe I’ll asked something stupid.
But will grounding your computer has an influence of burning quality.
Or maybe connection to CA systems.

Have a nec2510a with fw.hv2b5dl and the quality of my burnings
the last 3 weeks isn’t that good.



Emm no, you don’t need to ‘ground’ your computer.
What is a CA system?
What exactly did you do?

How do you know that the quality of your burns isn’t that good lately?
What discs are you using? (MID codes)


Hi Wesociety,
Let me explain,

  1. Ca system here in Holland means Central Antenna System.I ask because I
    have a TVcard installed and every time if I connect the antenna plug I feel
    the power i.e. means ground isn’'t 0 volts.(capacity streams )
    Also ground of the powersupply of the house isn’t always 0 volt.
    Hope I express myself in a good way.

Quality measuring I do with CD-DVD speed 3.1 and the last Kprobe.(2.2.3)
I’ll do it on a ltd166s dvd-rom.
I know its not exact but you can see a differnce in quality.

My home built PC isnot grounded at the moment, thats way I am curius if
you guys have experrience with this groundingaspect.



Hi all,
Here I am again the power connection of your powersupply of the pc has always
3 terminaters.
1= live
2= return or minus
3= ground or 0.

Hope this isn’t to technical.