Ground Control II

Does anyone have working BWA for Ground Control II?

yes, sorry have to go to work, but i’ll post one afterwards

Hi hburrows83,
Where did you post it?

sorry can’t upload it anywhere. if you have messenger i can send it to u.

Could anybody post working BWA file for Ground Control II US version please?

What about to make one ? New BWA Builder can make nice graphs

My BWA file i gave you works fine. It is 95% quality

I have successfully backed up this game no problem.

Hi hburrows83,
Unfotunatelly it didn’t work for me.:frowning:

Take hburrow’s word on it is a good quality BWA. Try to burn at slower speeds.

In CdSTeam there are BWA for almost latest SecuROM protected titles. They are all 100% quality files, made from me.
Check it, go to your left once entered to the “descargas”(download) section. You will see latest files, and Ground control 2 are included.

Good luck!

Nice web page in Spanish hehe.