Ground Control 2 - Securom 5

I’m trying to backup Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus. The SecuROM version is on the disc and with the patch. I’m starting to think that it’s just a hardware problem, I’m using NEC 2500a. It seems that when others backed it up, there are no read errors on the disc, but when I get to 98/99% of the disc, whatever program I’m using gets read errors all the way to the end of the disc. Then when I try to install I get a cyclic redundancy check error. So is it just my hardware, or is there some little trick with this version of SecuROM. The original disc installs and plays perfectly.

ok, what software are you using to back it up?

ben :slight_smile:

I tried blindwrite 5, Alcohol 120%, and clonecd, but clonecd has being going through the disc read errors for over 2.5 hours now. With clonecd I’m going to try the twinpeak method and see if that works. I’ve have all of the different progs for copying, I just really think it’s my hardware, and I should go buy a plextor premium, or just use the original cd and save the 80 bucks. Any ideas for me?

Ok, so it installs on my laptop that has a Toshiba DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive. but it wont play. That’s the blindwrite copy, guess I will have to continue to wait for clonecd to finish, see if that works.

hmm… have you tried alcohol with RPMS, just read it on the SecuROM new 4.x/5.x profile with RMPS, one dont in the emulation options enable RMPS, if this doesnt work, a plex premium will make 1:1 backups of securom with no problem :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile:

Ok, I copied it with RPMS and it installs, but it doesn’t play, which is pointless cause then I need the original, oh well, lost cause I guess. Oh, and I had to use my laptop’s drive to do the copy, my NEC wouldn’t do it at all. Psh… Thanks for the help though.

Read errors? Strange, coz’ SecuROM doesn’t have em (except for one). Does this happen with any other proggie?

Seems your original is scratched. SecuROM has got a few bad sectors as far as I know. You won’t even recognize them during the dumping process. Take a look at the tutorials section in the copy protection forum, there are guides using BW5, CCD and Alcohol copying SecuROM 4.8+ games. Maybe you’ll need a nice Ground Control 2 BWA file check out

It seems that it must just be my NEC drive, because my Laptop’s drive backed it up without getting all of those read errors. I did have one of the perfect BWA files, but that didnt work either. I think my NEC drive just doesn’t like SecuROM 5, which is kind of crappy.