Grooveshark possibly has to pay $150,000 per song for copyright violations



We’ve just posted the following news: Grooveshark possibly has to pay $150,000 per song for copyright violations[newsimage][/newsimage]

Music streaming service Grooveshark possibly has to pay 736 million dollar in damages to the American music industry after a judge ruled the company violated copyright on 5,000 songs “willful” and “in bad faith”.

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According to the lawyers Grooveshark tried to secure licenses from the record labels and the company will present evidence of its attempts.
If this is proven true it goes to show Studio GREED is to bully and get more money rather than PAYING the ARTISTS that created the MUSIC whom should be getting 90% of the royalties…That’s whom is getting the real SHAFTS here… the ARTISTS…So where are the Studio protecting and giving those ARTISTS the RESPECT/MONEY they deserve for their CREATIONS??? I hear nothing of this coming from the Studio GREED ??? Heart that Studio I hear nothing about the ARTISTS Royalties.


dmca trolls and copyright trolls are rampant


I just went to the Grooveshark website, so as to copy/paste a portion of their DMCA policy, which would have shown just how wrong this suit was. But, it seems GROOVESHARK IS DEAD!

RIP Grooveshark. You will be missed.