Grooveshark has been shutdown... permanently



After having been sued by Sony Music Entertainment, Arista Music and Warner Bros Records, it seems the people behind Grooveshark have decided to settle (or maybe they lost, I’m not sure), and have closed down the website. The homepage now has an apology to the users of the site, stating that they “failed to secure licenses from rightsholders for the vast amount of music on the service”, and further mentions a settlement agreement with “the major record companies”, but does not state who these companies are (I think we can all take a good guess, however).

They have further handed over “ownership of the website, our mobile apps and intellectual property, including our patents and copyrights”. I guess it goes without saying that mobile apps should be removed immediately.

Unfortunately, I can’t copy/paste the message, as it’s encoded in a *.png image (and I don’t have time right now to re-type it manually), so I’ll just attach a modified copy of the image (the original has a transparent background, which makes the text hard to read. I’ve added a black background, but haven’t modified anything else).

RIP Grooveshark. You will be missed.


Looks like someone resurrected it:


It lives, you say? Excellent!

After visiting the new URL, it seems the user doesn’t need to use Flash Player, either. The music just plays inside the web browser without the need for any plugins.

However, I don’t think this site sill last very long. Each song has a “Download mp3” button, so I’m sure Sony, Warner Bros, and Arista will claim this website to be a “pirate” site in no time. I think we all know what will happen after that.


Going by TorrentFreak, the domain is an MP3Juices clone: