Grooveshark adds copyright offenders to database to fight piracy



We’ve just posted the following news: Grooveshark adds copyright offenders to database to fight piracy[newsimage][/newsimage]

Music streaming service Grooveshark has started to become stricter on music piracy. The company, which heavily relies on user uploads, will keep a database with repeat offenders.

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This is just sad, since Grooveshark’s own DMCA complaint policy states " To be clear, as long as your infringement claim complies with the terms of the DMCA we will honor it. However, we would much rather
pay you than remove your content.
" In other words, they are willing to offer copyright holders free money as long as said holders don’t sue or force them to remove anything. Yet, these record companies have lawyers that either simply don’t care (or can’t read).

Also, because our copyright system is so broken, the plaintiff can claim to have lost any quantity of money they choose, without need to prove that they’ve actually lost so much as a single penny.

Also, I once again have to ask why these copyright bullies think they have the right to force everyone on the web to become copyright vigilantees. Imagine if non-internet businesses had to deal with this kind of bullying:

Toyota customer: “Last week I bough this car, but have been stalked by your company ever since. Could you guys please stop it? It’s extremely creepy.”

Toyota saleman: “Sorry, we have to have our employees follow you everywhere, and make detailed reports of everywhere you go and everything you do. Every step you take, everymove you make. Wal-Mart demands we do so, since they can’t be bothered to deal with shoplifters through normal means. Just don’t do anything illegal, or we’ll start throwing carseats at you until they tell us to stop.”