Grokster releases Pro version, removes ad and spyware

I just posted the article Grokster releases Pro version, removes ad and spyware.

Grokster, one of the popular file sharing
networks based on the FastTrack P2P protocol has announced that it will release
a Pro version of its software. Users who will pay $ 19.95 will receive…

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:d kazaa lite you morons… muhahahaha!!! no spyware no addware only freeware lol …yes yes shake your money maker!!! hey wtf i aint getting naked :S

Now now Borgster!.. I downloaded Kazaa KMD - the ads aren’t that all intruding - especially if u ditched P2P Point Manager after installing KMD. Once in a while you might get 1 popup reminding you to download latest release of P2P networking. Anyway, I got a simple C++ program that kills off all applications I don’t want to run at startup. :g

there is already a spyware and adfree version of grokster, it’s a little difficult to get, but it’s out there - on fasttrack and on some http sites, go to zeropaid, they posted about it some time ago.